FÄRG and BLANCHE – Nailed Succession

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FÄRG and BLANCHE – Nailed Succession

Fredrik Färg has teamed up with Emma Marga Blanche already in 2010 to form Swedish design studio: FÄRG and BLANCHE.

As a twosome they have nailed the succession of their lives as solo designers.

The stool looks soft from far but is not. Made of 12000 staples, the stool is as brutal as it is sophisticated and refined

Succession by Fredrik Färg

Swedish designer Fredrik Färg presented his collection of ‘muscular’ leather stools that seem to be made to resemble dogs’ bodies without heads. Called Succession, the collection was part of 20 Designers at Biologiska exhibition during Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. The bumps and grooves on the surface of the stools were created by wrapping rope around each object and then applying heat.

Via dezeen.com

RE: cover (a Chair) by Fredrik Färg

Photos: Maria Sahlander, Model Hanna Stelling

RE: cover (a Chair) or Dress a chair well by Fredrik Farg

RE:cover – costume making dresses for old chairs.
The project looks to the beauty of those shapes that not always have to change. Fredrik is inspired by classic menswear, such as suits and dinner jackets that never go out of style. -This is a lasting fashion; he says and refers to today's trend wear which is often discarded before being worn out.

I found this on Fredrik’s Picasa photo set Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009.

Coat Chair by Fredrik Farg (2)

Coat Chair by Fredrik Farg

Coat Chair by Fredrik Farg

“I am inspired by the slowness of classic mens- wear, applying tailor principles, proportions and forms to what I refer to as slow fashion furniture. The idea is to create succession rather than revolution, to convey a story that is not driven by today’s market trends and consumer stress.

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Coat Chair by Fredrik Färg

Coat Chair by Fredrik Färg

Flat sheets of moldable polyester wrap around a small metal frame to create Coat, an armchair by Fredrik Färg. The felt is held together by two cufflinks and the backrest’s collar can be folded up or down.

via MoCo Loco.