RE: cover (a Chair) by Fredrik Färg

Photos: Maria Sahlander, Model Hanna Stelling

RE: cover (a Chair) or Dress a chair well by Fredrik Farg

RE:cover – costume making dresses for old chairs.
The project looks to the beauty of those shapes that not always have to change. Fredrik is inspired by classic menswear, such as suits and dinner jackets that never go out of style. -This is a lasting fashion; he says and refers to today's trend wear which is often discarded before being worn out.

I found this on Fredrik’s Picasa photo set Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009.

One thought on “RE: cover (a Chair) by Fredrik Färg”

  1. Oh my, this chair reminds me of a ‘Frill Neck Lizard’ standing up ready to fight. What a glorious design, i think it would look good in Red Leather too. You would not need any Cushions on this chair. It is a Feature in its self

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