2 Cow Hide covered Rock Chairs by Gerard van de Berg at VNTG

The very inspirational VNTG site had these two Rock Chairs with their very 70ies cow hide coverings for sale. Gerard van den Berg designed them for the company Montis which he left later to create the Label brand.

RetroStart – A Wonderful Retro Design Portal

Chaplins by Gerard van den Berg
Discovered RetroStart, or rather I believe they found us via twitter. This real Web 2.0 site is a must visit for those who are interested in Mid Century Design. They pointed me to the set of 4 Chaplins by Gerard van den Berg for Montis at Moetkunsten, a Dutch distributor of new and second hand chairs.

Speedster Lounge Chair by Gerard van den Berg at 2011 IMM Cologne (1)

Speedster by Gerard van den Berg
Speedster by Gerard van den Berg sideview
I’ve been browsing IMM Cologne irl (In Real Life) for chairs yesterday, January 23, 2011. I’ll post about it as a series at 2011 IMM Cologne (1) etc.

The first chair that asked my attention is this Speedster by long time Dutch designer Gerard van den Berg. Just before I decided to pay IMM a visit, I was wondering why I hadn’t published anything from his hand, because some of his chairs are very comfy. Nowadays Gerard produces some of his designs himself under the name Label.nl.