Metamorphosis Chair by Ian Blasco and Clipmarks

Metamorphosis Chair by Ian Blasco
Metamorphosis Chair by Ian Blasco

Via Decorfair

Introducing a new feature on Chair Blog: Clipmarks.


  1. Clipmark enables you to clip part of a web page and copy it to your blog
  2. You can create your own header. This is not easy with Tumblr.
  3. While clipping, you can very precisely choose the order of clippings and what you clip.
  4. The whole clipped part is clearly visible as a clip. You don’t put your readers on the wrong foot anymore: They can see what you Clipped and what you added yourself.
  5. If you want to add more observations to a clip you can leave the clip as it is and simply add more stuff before or after the Clip while the clip remains as it is, a clip.

I’m sure It will enhance the productivity of this two finger blogger. Looking forward to explore it further.

Update December 2011:

Originally there was a Clip to Blog here.

However, as with all curating tools, Clipmark has a clear disadvantage: Their servers may be down or cut off entirely. Then this blog’s precious content goes astray. This happened recently so I landed again on this page after I got a broken link signal. I decided to weed out all clips….pffff blogging is hard.

Update March 2012:

In December it seemed Clipmark was wobbly only and sometimes worked well. Moreover, at December 29, 2012 we experienced a huge outage of 9.5 hours here which led to another change of hosting company.

Now, all of a sudden, it appears Clipmark ceased service all together without any form of announcement in advance….Very unprofessional. Anyway, now I’m catched with my pants down because there are still many Clip marked posts to be restored…