Janez Suhadolc and Parzival by Robert Wilson

Suhadolc razstava-081

Janez Suhadolc

Going back again to an exhibition of Janez Suhadolc in 2006. The reason is my recent interest in Pinterest. There two photos of Robert Wilson’s Parzival Chair, Chair with a Shadow came up and I had immediately associations with that exhibition by Suhadolc.

The purpose of the setting is not to simply place Suhadolc’s chairs into a room and leave the Permanent collection authors’ paintings on the walls. The exhibition was set up by Suhadolc himself to reflect a special relationship between his own works and the works of other authors. He uses the so-called quotations by other authors. He places his works and drawings within a certain distance to the works of other authors in such a way that the visitor is forced to look at them differently than he is used to. (Namely, many a time the visitor embraces the whole image only superficially, with almost no interest in the details, the painting becomes more of an “equipment” which truncates whole experience.) This time it is different. The viewer is forced to look for details and structures, both of the paintings as well as Suhadolc’s exhibits. For us at the gallery, this kind of setting is thus even more unusual and very special since we are more or less used to setting up exhibits “as they are”. Namely, we prefer for each author and his work to be on a separate wall, and to have as little dialogue with other works as possible, except when the concept of an exhibition involves a connection of different authors.

So Suhadolc placed his chairs in a certain position vis a vis certain chair paintings. The way he did that according to the two photos here above give similar thoughts as the The Wilson Parzival Chair with a shadow. Wouldn’t you agree?
Robert Wilson Chair with a Shadow

Parzival by Robert Wilson

The Latter photo is from an auction (The Robert Wilson Loft Sale) at Philips de Pury in 2007 where it fetched $26,400

For me the Parzival is a chair installation in itself. But it took a detour to Slovenia to appreciate it.

BTW now Janez seems to have a blog with….one post

Light Chair by Janez Suhadolc


A reader pointed me to a page of a site in a language I couldn’t read let it be understand: www2.arnes.si/~sgaler/. Take the url to the Google Translator Page and you get some English out of it, but then search on Janez Suhadolc and you get an English page on the same site.

It became note worthy: The Chair you see here is the Light Chair by Janez Suhadolc. You can lift it with one finger, but the chair is able to bear the full weight of a person to sit on.

Janez Suhadolc appears to be a chair aficionado who not only constructs chairs, but also depicts them or combines them with pictures or posters or paintings of chairs.

The site is about a Slovenian Gallery “The Gallery of Fine Arts Slovenj Gradec”

The page describes an exhibition there of 2006 where Suhadolc exhibited chairs in a certain perspective.


‘It makes me feel good to be able to take a rejected piece of material and create a masterpiece with it, and one that is worth something. To me it seems as if a phoenix would rise out of the ashes.’

Janez Suhadolc

Janez Suhadolc, architect and graphic designer, Full Professor of freehand drawing at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, was born in 1942 in Ljubljana. He was not the only one in the Suhadolc family to have inherited the creative zeal from their father Anton Suhadolc, construction engineer and Jože Ple?nik’s co-worker. Janez’ older brother Matija Suhadolc also devoted his life to architecture, while woodcraft is present in the art of both the youngest as well as the oldest brother Anton Suhadolc, a professor of mathematics and a proud owner of an extensive art collection of wooden balls made from different kinds of wood.

Another note worthy detail is that Janez Suhadolc is generally known as the “Carpenter of the Pope” because when Pope John Paul II visited Slovenia in 1996 and in 1999, he each time created a papal chair for the occasion.

Well, now I have discovered this chair designer, I will try to show you more chairs of him in the future.

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