NSOD chair Vincent by Ka-Lai Chan


NSOD Chair Vincent

Recently Dutch educated designer Ka-Lai Chan has been mentored by Dutch designer Richard Hutten. Her recent work is titled “The Ordinary Family”. As part of this collection she took Richard’s No Sign of Design chair of 1992 for an intervention: And here is the result: NSOD Chair Vincent or No Sign Of Design Chair Vincent…

Self Portrait Chair by Ka-Lai

Kah Lai is a designer who just graduated from the Dutch design school in Utrecht.

Selfportrait is a graduation project based on the emotions and suppressed feelings what Ka-Lai has experienced. The chair expresses the designer’s own personality and character.
In the past I have always found myself to be a quiet and introvert person. I suppressed my own emotions and didn’t dare to show my feelings to other people. I was afraid that people will find me weird if I show them the real me. It felt like there was something growing on me what gets bigger and bigger like a tumor.I always tend to hide away my personality, but on the other hand I wanted nothing more but to open up and just be myself.

via www.kalaichan.nl