Juliet by Benjamin Hubert for Poltrona Frau: the Chair & the Making Of

Juliet by Benjamin Hubert for Poltrona Frau was inspired by the Italian renaissance fashion detail called the “Juliet sleeve” – a sleeve that fits the arm tightly and has a large de-constructed ‘puff’ on the shoulder. Juliet’s leather upholstery is ‘tri-pleated’ and utilizes the flexibility and tensile strength of leather.

See the making of the Juliet chair:

Armchair by Heinz Frank

Armchair by Heinz Frank

Armchair by Heinz Frank-P1030910

Unexpectedly I was in Vienna a couple of days where I could take some chair photos. A couple in the Dorotheum where an auction of modern Austrian design was held at Leap Day….until I was forbidden to take photos by a attendant and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of obtaining a press permit.

Armchair by Heinz Frank. Heinz must love horses;-)

Austria, 1972/73, nickel plated tubular steel, red leather, red lacquered iron plate, coil springs, height 77 cm, width 70.5 cm, depth 70 cm, height of seat 35 cm. (DR) A unique piece. Provenance: acquired from the artist in the 1970s – private property Vienna.

Estimated at EUR 6.000,- to 7.000,- (USD 8.500,- to 9.900,-) subject to artist surcharge. The chair was not sold.

Via Dorotheum.

Pré Lou Read by Philippe Starck, Eugeni Quitllet and Domeau & Pérès for the Royal Monceau Hotel

Lou Read is an exquisite handcrafted armchair designer by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet and fabricated by Domeau&Pérès for the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris. Watch it being made in this video by Sébastien Jousse:

Update November 30, 2011

I’ve altered the title of this post as a representative of Domeau & Pérès has informed me that the Royal Monceau Hotel chairs are not the same as the Lou Read chairs. Domeau & Pérès have been working closely together with Philippe Starck Studio to develop this chair for the Royal Monceau Hotel.

Thereafter the further development of the chair has been licensed to Driade who have coined the chair Lou Read. Interesting! Especially since one of the most influential blogs Designboom doesn’t seem to make the distinction between the two editions. Furthermore it is interesting the Driade website doesn’t seem to mention this particular chair although I have seen it in their Milan showroom in September 2011 and could only take this photo through the window:

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Steampunk Chair by Overclock

Now how about this? The Steampunk chair with ties at the wrists, torso and legs… with a 65mm leather seat on a steel frame.

Found on Etsy, but link lost

Coracle & Cargo Chairs by Benjamin Hubert for De la Espada

British industrial designer Benjamin Hubert created Coracle and Cargo for London based furniture manufacturer De la Espada as part of a larger collection. The project called for the use of artisan craftsman, where each piece has the unique quality that only handmade objects can deliver.

“Coracle” refers to small boats, traditionally used in Wales since the bronze age. The woven construction seen on the chair is the same pattern as that found on the vessel. The tri weave is enhanced with the same perforated leather wrapped around the steel frame. The same wrapping is usually found on bike handles, making the chair more tactile and comfortable.

Cargo is a dining/occasional chair made of four automotive leather panels which attach to an ash frame using mechanical fixings. The tailoring of the panels mirror the original intentions for the material, as the hand-stitching gives it a less mechanical character.

Via designboom.com