Water-On-Chair: What Do Floor Heating & Chairs Have in Common?

I’m fascinated with Maezm these days and I know it shows. Their designs are unusual yet surprisingly practical, if you really come to think of it.

This chair refers to a traditional Korean house style concept of sitting on the heated floor. The reformed on-dol floor heating system supplies the structure of Water-On-Chair with heated water, and the chair changes its color from transparent to semi sheer red as the temperature of the tubes rises. Would you seat on these?


Unifying Your Furniture: a Chair ‘Dress’ from Maezm

Sofa-Dress by Maezm is furniture ‘clothes’ that is here to make your chairs more “cushiony”. Using the product can also help unify your existing collection of diverse chairs, dictating a style theme and thus making them go together perfectly.

Sofa-Dress is made of urethan foam, its dimensions: 900 * 700 * 670.

Bone x Skin Hanji Plastic Chair by Taiho Shin for Maezm

Bone x Skin by Taiho Shin of Korean studio Maezm is a chair constructed from a lightweight wooden ‘bone’ made of “hanji”, a traditional Korean paper made from mulberry tree fibers, and solid carbon fiber that gives the chair its ‘skin’.
Via designboom.com