Kimono Armchair by Quaglio and Simonelli for Amura Lab

Kimono Armchair by Quaglio and Simonelli for Amura Lab

Quaglio Simonelli is the creation of two designers Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio.

They were born in Italy, they live in Paris, they work in Europe, Asia, America.

The result of the meeting between two complementary sensibilities, their products has been nourished by their history, by the creative gaze they direct on the world that surrounds them and by the mutation they love to induce on it.

Thinking that diversification is a source of creative richness, they design technology products, create furniture and decorative objects, conceive the visual identity and product design for beauty brands, alternating industrial logic and artisanal approach. They design objects that look familiar, yet contaminated with unexpected and poetic elements.

Their philosophy: never see things as they are.

«To draw a lamp or a bisquit, to imagine a chair or choose a color, to create a name or a jewel …

Every day is like climbing a new mountain or just looking at the tip of your feet.

It’s not easy and it’s not difficult … and it’s never the same …

It’s a story of mirages and memories».

#29 of the 999 Armchairs Book