4 Legs by Mario Philipponna

4Legs by Mario Philipponna

Sexy Furniture:

Four legs form a provocative chair.

Many requests for a suitable chair to go with the  Trio table triggered me to make this unique chair.
It has a straight sitting and is more comfortable than most designer dining chairs.
Can also be used as a single piece to cheer up your living room.
The chair is handcrafted.
The leather back can be tightened with a leather lace, the seat is padded with foam rubber.
The leather can be reversed to give a choice of red or black.
Obviously other colours or wood species are also possible.
Dimensions: ca. 113 X 480 X 80 cm
Finishing: High class of perfection, natural oil and
beeswax bring out the beauty of the wood.
Inclusive a maintenance kit to preserve the beauty of the wood
These objects are made to order.
Please allow three months production time.
Free delivery in Western Europe,
please contact me to discuss shipment worldwide
Price: Euro 7.995,00

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Read More at Rotterdam Based Mario Philippona’s site: Sexy Furniture Site | 4Legs

Erotic Furniture by Joe Hurley

The “bend-over” chair by New Yorker Joe “Kinky Joe” Hurley:

Hurley boasts his specially-designed furniture can fit into even the most cramped city apartment or stored in a closet when relatives visit.

Spiegel Online presents some recent attempts at making furniture to fan the flames of passion. Designers have long sought to create erotic furniture, with mixed success. Here are some recent examples of the genre including a "Boobycase" drinks cabinet, a four-poster bed surrounded by giant carved penises, a "bend-over chair" and a "Tittyfrutty" fruit bowl. Dutch designer Mario Philippona has emerged as a doyen of the craft of creating arousing tables, provocative chairs and titillating cabinets. He says on his Web site that he is inspired by "female forms.

Via Spiegel Online