Tokyo Chaise Lounge



The Perfect lounger. The Cassina Tokyo Outdoor Chaise Lounger.
It’s mid hols and school’s out! Time for surf, and suntan and sunglasses!


Paris Chair by Kalin Asenov



Kalin Asenov is a self taught chair designer. This Paris Chair is a beautiful prototype made in 2011. it is part of a school project. The prototype’s frame is made of aluminum, the slats are maple, bent and laminated. Hence a very light chair.

Via Kalin Asenov

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto Side

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto Front

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto. Not so much if you look at the front, but certainly when you look at the side. It is stackable and designed for Italian manufacturer Gruppo Sintesi.

New Amsterdam Chair by UNStudio for Wilde + Spieth – Milan 2011 (16)

Dutch architects UNStudio are presenting this white plastic a bit spider-ish chair at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week.

Called New Amsterdam Chair, it was originally conceived in connection to the New Amsterdam Plein and Pavilion in New York, but has since been further developed as a multi-purpose chair for use in a wide variety of different settings (both indoors and outdoors) for production with German firm Wilde + Spieth.


Luxurious Modern Lounge Chair Luxor

Luxurious Modern Lounge Chair
This photo you’ll find on Google images when you look for “Luxurious Modern Lounge Chair”. I kind of like the design. I would like to know its provenance, but the site that comes up with it doesn’t give any provenance. So no link to that site.

Thanking Biro for the link to the manufacturer: Pacific Green.