Utrecht Sofa by Gerrit Rietveld

Recently I saw some traffic here from a Greek Language Blog R Deco. It appeared they had an animated discussion about the color of a sofa and the author mentioned the Utrecht or Metz Chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld that I have featured here already in several posts in October 2009, in April 2009, in May 2007 and again in May 2007.

I remembered I had seen a photos of the Rietveld Utrecht Sofa somewhere recently. As I found them again I’ll put them in a quick post here. It is produced by Italian Manufacturer Cassina


And here probably a second hand sofa in combination with a chair found at Fabriek NL

2 thoughts on “Utrecht Sofa by Gerrit Rietveld”

  1. thanks for mentioning Rdeco. We really had a conversation about which chair could match nicely with the sofa and I gave your link. you have a really useful blog.

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