Bolt by Note Design Studio


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Bolt Stool by Note Design Studio


Bolt was originally part of the ‘Marginal notes’ exhibition held by Note design studio collective as a creative stunt in 2010. The concept of the exhibition was to produce in real life the doodles and ‘marginal notes’ that the members of the creative collective had in their notebooks, however crazy they might be.

The ‘BOLT’ presented in the exhibition was really 4 logs held together by a metal ring. It was not possible to seat on it and even the members of Note were skeptical about the possibility to make it a practical piece.

After numerous prototypes, La Chance artisans and Note design studio managed to create the final design of one of the signature pieces of the brand and won the prestigious Wallpaper design award the year following its release.

Note Design Studio is a collective of

architects, graphic & product designers established in Sweden in 2008. They presented their first furniture pieces in 2010 during the Marginal exhibition where the colorful and sculptural creations were to define Note’s identity and originated their career as one of the main player in nowadays Nordic design scene.

Boet Stools by Note Design Studio – M&O 2011

Boet, which means ‘nest’ in Swedish, is a stool that takes its form from that of a bird’s home that sits high amongst the trees – elevated, protected, supported by strong branches and a trunk where a soft, rounded place to rest can be found. Created by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio, the seating object is composed of a metal structure with a cork seat.

Boet comes in white, black and blue, and there are high and low versions. The stools are on show at the Couplicite Exhibition during Maison et Objet 2011 in Paris. Personally, I’m a big fan of this idea to combine a polished shiny base with a somewhat rough and ‘raw’ matte seat in one product!