Heel Chair by Nendo

Oki Sato of Nendo has a limited edition side line online shop which is called 1 % which is 1 out of 100. There, to the extent available, you can obtain this elegant Heel Chair which will only be made in a limited edition of 100.

I.D. – 2008 Winners

Stools by Oki Sato

These Stools by Oki Sato earned an I.D. 2008 Design Distinction Ribbon

Oki Sato of Nendo likens this stool’s swooping lines to the ribbons of ballet shoes. It caught the eye of Gillingham-Ryan in particular for its singular shape and simple construction. I think its poetic,’he said. It’s a traditional stool with modern laser-cut technology. To make both the short and tall versions, three steel strips are laser-cut from a single layer then arranged beneath the seat at a standard pitch for stability and structural integrity. (When he saw the stool’s base, which touches the floor only at the apex of each loop, Mount did ask incredulously, Is it possible to make it that stable?  Saez liked the Ribbon’s proportions and praised its having no straight lines besides a band that runs halfway around the tall version’s base to form a footrest. For comfort’s sake, the company also offers a low-profile cushion that fastens magnetically to the seat. Design Nendo (Tokyo): Oki Sato, principal Client Cappellini Materials Steel Software Rhino

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Diamond Chair by Nendo

Another chair from Tokyo-based Nendo: the Diamond chair is based on the atomic structure of diamonds.
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Cabbage Chair by Nendo

Cabbage Chair is a new product by Japanese designers Nendo made of waste paper from the pleated fabric industry.

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