Pleated Pleat by Raw Edges Design Studio


Pleated Pleat by Raw Edges

I was almost certain we had featured the Stool, chair and lounger upholstered with pleated Tyvek by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges Design Studio here already…Not so. Pleating allows flat, non elastic materials to become a springy, three dimensional cushion when filled with soft polyurethane foam. That is what they did here.
Notably I’ve found an entire blog dedicated to pleating: Pleat Farm, which to my pleasure, has a Chairs section as well.
Images are from Designboom

Black Paper Chair by Vadim Kibardin

Black Paper Chair by Kibardindesign

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Maur Chair by Anindya Das Gupta

Maur Chair by Anindya Das Gupta
What a nice idea to combine paper rols and fabric in such a way you can sit on them: Maur Chair by Indian designer Anindya Das Gupta. The next step undoubtedly to make a rocking chair with the same idea..

Anindya Das Gupta is an Architect and Urban Designer. Presently he is in the final semester of Post Graduate Diploma in Furniture and Interior Design in NID, India. The Designs show cased here are part of his activities for the last three years.
Location Ahmedabad, India

Via Coroflot Portfolios and via Jespence

Sit on your Envelope


Sacchetto Tyvek®

Sitting on your envelope? Would that be possible? Spalvieri and del Ciotto have designed Sacchetto Tyvek, a chair made of Tyvek® that is used for envelopes that can keep big bunches of paper work without tearing apart. So yes! It is possible!

Via Designboom.

Fluffy Chair by Mona Duyster at IMM Cologne 2011 (14)


My camera found this chair by Mona Duyster which I’ve now coined Fluffy. It was in the booth of the 2011 IMM Cologne convention center where work from students of the Interior design Faculty of the University of Trier (Fach Hochschule Trier) was exhibited amongst rows of chairs that normally fill the convention center.

And what chair. Like a ballerina or real fashion model it proudly shows its fluffy upholstery.

An unmanned and minimal way of showing work of your students, but some credits at the booth would have been helpful, also because you don’t have to snatch away paper fliers….Well it all invites to a good old rant: Even the post at their own site doesn’t divulge much….Trier University could learn something from other universities to promote their students and alumni in this digital age…..I do know Trier dates back a long time..but hey we’re in the 21st century Ladies and Gentleman!