Timber Stool by Nendo


Timber stool from the black&black collection by Nendo for K%

(via Nendo presents K% collection at Luminaire – Dezeen)

Nendo – Yes Thin Black Lines again

Nendo - Yes Thin Black Lines again

Nendo – Yes Thin Black Lines again

(Source: http://www.creativeclerkenwell.com/london-design-festival-v-and-a/)

Fadeout by Nendo

Fadeout by Nendo

Fadeout by Nendo

Another of Nendo‘s finest and not yet covered on the blog is the Fadeout chair with legs that appear to be fading away.

Such effect is made possible with the use of two types of material and the help of clever painting technique: while the chair’s back and seat are wooden, the legs are clear acrylic and specially painted by craftsmen so that the wood grain appears to gradually fade away until it’s gone completely.

From the designers:

Usually, our perception of furniture is strongly affected by the space around it. The fade-out chair turns this relationship on its head: we can change the look and feel of a space simply by placing the chair in it.

Transparent Chair by Nendo

This Transparent Chair by Nendo is made with highly elastic polyurethane film that is commonly used as a packing material for products sensitive to vibrations. Thanks to the film’s ability to return to its original form, the chair conforms to the body’s shape and “wraps and supports the body like a hammock, providing a light, floating feeling for the sitter.”

Photos by Masayuki Hayashi

Thin Black Lines Chair (2) by Nendo

Thin Black Lines (2) by Nendo

As Julia likes this one better than the other one:
From the Nendo solo exhibition at Phillips de Pury & Company in September 2010.