Classic Hammock by La Seora

Design Milk reminds us it was National Hammock Day in the US yesterday – and indeed, what could be a better way to celebrate than spend it lounging in a hammock? Especially if it’s one of the La Seora luxurious creations.

Their Classic Version is an International award winning design carefully crafted using the highest quality marine plywood and stainless steel. The hammock is designed to count in the shape of your body allowing you to “relax in a correct posture without slouching, unlike conventional hammocks with net and fabric do, so you can relax in perfect comfort”. And there’s even Alpine Version, in case it’s winter where you are and you still want to celebrate!

Dimensions: Length 310cm x Width 80cm (105cm with Stand)

Happy late Hammock Day, all!

Siesta by Emanuele Magini for Campeggi

Siesta by Emanuele Magini for Italian furniture maker Campeggi is a hammock-like bench that combines the silhouette of a traditional wooden bench with the comfort of a hammock – perfect for “watching the clouds pass by”.


Lace your own Crate Hammock together

DIY Hammock - Paracord-Laced-Pallet-Hanging-Chair

Just strip a pallet, apply some para cord and there you hang. Look at Tools and Materials to see how to create this DIY Crate Hammock.

Kids Globo by Amazonas

One of the apartment makeovers TV shows here in Russia (today’s Kvartirniy Vopros on NTV channel) just featured a room re-design that very well showcases the idea of how the whole decor concept can be created around just one object – in our case, a chair.

The show’s decorators chose the Kids Globo swinging hanging seat by Amazonas, and by the end of the show the choice proved to be a success. When asked what the show participants liked the most about  their renewed room, the answer was definite – “The chair!!!”. Who would’ve doubted. This is exactly what I’m talking about, kids!.. It’s all about chairs.

There’s also a  Double Globo for the grown ups still in touch with their inner child, or for the grown ups who are parents to more than just one kid and need a chair that can fit all.

Wooden Hammock by Adam Cornish at Workshopped 10

Adam Cornish showed this beautifully detailed Wooden Hammock at Workshopped 2010

The human spine, and its unique range of motion largely influenced the simple, flexible structure of this design.
Designed as an innovative stylish alternative to the common cloth hammock, the wooden segments allow the hammock to flex and mould to form a wooden cocoon, which cradles the body of the individual user.
Wooden Hammock is designed to be manufactured from a standard sheet of plantation grown plywood, maximizing economy of material whilst minimizing the environmental footprint.