Pico Armchair by Po Shun Leong



Pico Armchair by Po Shun Leong

Recently I shared a chair that I wrongly attributed to Po Shun Leong. The Pico is one of his for sure, as many more, some of which I will be sharing here.

via MoCoLoCo.

Fortune Cookie Stool by Po Shun Leong? – 2011 IMM Cologne (29)

Fortune-Cookie-Stool-by-Po Shun-leong_MG_8172

Fortune Cookie Stool

In Europe and especially in The Netherlands (internet browser) Cookies are subject to opt in nowadays…oops have to adjust Our Rules of Engagement (done in the meantime…I even haven’t a clue what cookies are…)

Anyway, luckily Po Shun Leong created the Fortune Cookie Stool to alleviate this burden on us poor bloggers and I found this photo I took of the stool at 2011 IMM Cologne back to share it with you.

About Po Shun Leong

He was born in the UK in 1941, studied at the Royal College of Art, School of Sculpture, London in 1958, with Prof John Skeaping, but transferred to and received his Diploma Cum Laud at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, UK. His studio is in Winnetka, California, USA.


As per the comments this is not Po Shun Leong’s stool, but Shin Azumi’s AP stool for La Palma….

Below a photo of Po Shun Leong’s real Fortune Cookie Chair:


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