Yellow Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

A Yellow Keer by Dutch designer Reinier de Jong who is based in Rotterdam.
It can be used in 4 different ways: as a stool, side chair, lounge chair or as a bench.
Each lightweight polyethylene element is 20cm (8″) wide and can be connected to another by built-in magnets. Hence the width of KEER can be adjusted to the use: Two elements are recommended for use as a stool or a side chair and three elements are optimal for a lounge chair. By conecting more elements one creates a sofa.

Loop Chair by Willy Guhl

Loop Chair by Willy Guhl

Loop Chair by Willy Guhl

Dutch designer Reinier de Jong’s blog pointed me to Swiss designer Willy Guhl’s Loop chair. Curious, because this chair was designed for Eternit and originally was made of cement mixed with asbestos.

Lock of Love – Ultimate Valentine’s Chair by Bliss

Lock of Love - Ultimate Valentine chair by bliss


I realize I’m one day late, but I can’t help it, I only discovered it today and I don’t want to save it for next year. This Chair installation by the name Lock of Love is created by Rotterdam, The Netherlands, based artists Bliss. It is a public chair. It even has a standard to put your camera in front of it to capture you and your beloved, if you like. Ultimately it is the maker’s intention that you bring your own lock, put your name and the name of your beloved on it, click it to the chair and throw the key in the canal, referring to an Italian fairytale promising that as long as the lock remains there, your relation will last….poetic, isn’t it?

Discovered in the Dutch Newspaper NRC, on the blog of Reinier de Jong, a Dutch chair designer, and on Enter The Mothership which has more photos.

Ande here the photo/article of NRC, because you can clearly see the locks already added:


Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Reinier de Jong‘s KEER can be a lounger of 2 different heights or a stool, or even combined to form a sofa or bench. Each lightweight polyethylene piece is 20cm (8″) wide and can be connected to another by built-in magnets so the width options of KEER are infinite.

via MoCo Loco: MoCo Submissions

In a comment on the Dezeen blog there was a link to the Kiesler Chair on Retro to go pointing out there were design similarities.
Reinier had asked me eons ago to feature this chair, but I remembered also reading somewhere there are similarities with an other design.

Ah and I found the comment. It’s about Friedrich Kiesler:

not quite original, friedrich kiesler designed this concept already in 1942, for peggy guggenheim’s gallery in ny. February 17th, 2008 at 9:51 pm

dezeen Â» Blog Archive Â» Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Another commenter there pointed to the one MoMa has in its collection

Looking closely there seem to be similarities, but also enough differences. It took me a long time to bring these issues together in one post….

Finally another commenter:

pat Says: Saw this and immediately thought of Satyendra Pakhalé’s ‘Panther’ project for Moroso’s 50th birthday. As I remember it, ‘Panther’ follows the same principle – multiple seating formats achieved by rotating the piece. Satyendra has elaborated more on the silhouette, though. See image 2 (blue background)

dezeen Â» Blog Archive Â» Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

But I would say…same principle yes, but a lot of difference…besides…who was earlier?

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