Eternal Stone Chair by Shinobu Koizumi

Shinobu Koizumi’s Eternal Stone Chair is made of granite and epoxy resin with sixteen glow-in-the-dark timepieces embedded into its body.


Anti Stress Chair by Bashko Trybek

Anti Stress Chair by Bashko Trybek 01

Anti Stress chair by Bashko Trybek

Bashko Trybek is a Polish designer (in production by Paris-based Outdoorz Gallery) is composed of hundreds of re-arrangeable stress balls which, much like Pally by Laura Väinölä that we featured earlier,  let you create countless patterns for the seat (and back!). It is also probably more comfortable than the Tennis Balls Chair by Remy and Veenhuizen Guido posted about a while back.

Anti Stress Chair by Bashko Trybek 07

Anti Stress Chair by Bashko Trybek

Produced in a large (240 ball) ‘low chair’ and a small (128 ball) model, the chair itself consists of a steel wire grid powder-coated in a range of colours. users place stress balls in each of the spaces of the wire frame, arranging them as desired into stripes, motifs, or patterns. The colours of stress balls were selected as magenta, cyan, yellow, black, and white to match the printing raster, turning the entire piece into a playful and interactive interpretation of printing pixels.


Presenze by Nucleo

During this year’s Design Miami/Basel, Nucleo presented their latest collection called Presenze, with these “caramelized” chairs being part of it. The 5×5 cubes are casted in epoxy resin and are assembled by hand.

From the designers:

“The Presenze collection is a testimony of past lives, the evolution of obsolete objects. The glories of the nineteenth-century baroque structures has been re-designed into minimalistic shapes, given a strong characteristic from its material, resin.

A game of presence and absence, of lightness and weight, challenging the law of gravity. The balance is made even more precarious by the milkiness of the resin, permeable to light. It’s a fascination for the transition, from liquid to solid, from past to presence.”

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