Table Sofa by Richard Hutten

Table Sofa by Richard Hutten

Table Sofa by Richard Hutten

And taking the opportunity to take a shot of the Table Sofa by Richard Hutten at
Gispen The Store Logo

Sottsass Chair by Richard Hutten for NgispeN

Sottsass Chair by Richard Hutten

Since Ettore Sottsass himself had commissioned Richard Hutten to design this chair, it became a tribute to the Maestro under the new NGispeN label.

Took this photo yesterday at
Gispen The Store Logo

Mondial Chair by Gerrit Rietveld re edited

Mondial Chair by Gerrit Rietveld

Gispen The Store Logo

Gispen The Store

By coincidence I walked into Gispen The Store today. Actually it is here in The Hague. I’d not been there despite there has been a Gispen presence at the very place of the store for years already. Gispen The Store has been designed by Richard Hutten.

Gispen established by Willem Hendrik Gispen

In 1916 Gispen’s predecessor was established by Willem Hendrik Gispen, who himself is a famous chair designer.

Industrial Designer, Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890-1981), specialized in wrought iron and ornamental metalwork. His vision was to carry his designs to the Office Furniture world and so began the inception of Gispen in 1916.

Gispen modernizes

Starting in 2011 Gispen is slowly but gradually opening up again to the general public and the private home market. For years and years it sold its products mainly through distributors and professionals like architects and interior decorators and its main markets were the office and contract markets. Hence it had and has a comfortable position.

Actually that and Gispen’s very poor web presence were reasons I haven’t paid much attention to them earlier. That may change now.

Richard Hutten became Gispen and NgispeN’s Creative Director

The opening up to the general public and setting up a direct selling channel to individuals coincided with the creation of a new label NgispeN and the merger of the Gispen and Hutten product lines into NgispeN.

If you like to read more about the Hutten Gispen cooperation, please read this release

Rietveld and Gispen

In Gispen The Store I stumbled on this yellow re edition of Rietveld’s Mondial chair. Here the armchair version. Note the difference with the original Mondial that Rietveld designed for Gispen already in 1957: Seating is now made of aluminum instead of polyester.

Chairisma by Richard Hutten

Chairisma by Richard Hutten

Chairisma by Richard Hutten.

Yesterday I noticed Dutch designer Richard Hutten has a presence on Facebook and asked him to “befriend” me. Today he did. So I found out he has an exihibition at the Zuiderzee Museum by the name of Chairisma (nice new word) which is in a little city Enkhuizen, 1/2 hour driving north of Amsterdam.

The exhibition runs from 2 April up to 9 September 2011.

Stoelen is Dutch for Chairs. The Chair you see is called Layers.

Richard Hutten in Design Museum Gent

Richard Hutten exposition in Design Museum Gent (Belgium)

After the White Book Chairs Installation in Italy now see Richard Hutten in his stacked books chair in Gent, Belgium.

Richard Hutten, Design Museum Gent

18 years of playing

February 26 – June 6, 2010

Richard Hutten (born 1967) is one of the most well-known and most unconventional Dutch designers. He graduated in 1991 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and fairly quickly garnered international recognition.
In his own design studio he produced designs for furniture, products, interiors and exhibitions.
Hutten is a conceptual designer but his designs are highly functional, each and every one of them. Often the object will even have multiple functions.
Design museum Gent gives Hutten the assignment to give shape to the exhibition himself. The result will certainly show this, and will be telling of the convincing and typical style of Hutten.

Via Design Art News.