Lotus Lounge Chair by Rob Parry

This Lotus Lounge Chair by Rob Parry for Gelderland was for sale somewhere and sold. Via Retrostart

Amsterdam Modern

Amsterdam Modern

Amsterdam Modern

When you see “Amsterdam Modern” and see me featuring it you will think (like I did) : “That’s probably a shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands which sells some chairs” or “Maybe some Amsterdam based designer”…Not so. Amsterdam Modern is located in Van Nuys, CA 91401, United States of America. However, it does have a connection with The Netherlands as they buy Dutch Mid Century furniture and ship it to the USA.

In Van Nuys they have a huge warehouse with tons of chairs. See for instance their Dining Page.

Amsterdam Modern is mid-century modern and cool (50’s thru late 70’s) furniture, lighting and other household goods. Our inventory is shipped directly from Amsterdam and comes from all corners of Holland. We have purchased retail stores that have gone out of business and have some special shoppers that collect for us when we aren’t there ourselves. Although we primarily sell to the trade, decorators and Television (yes, Mad Men too 🙂 we also sell directly to the public.

We receive it dirty and dusty….a true discovery when we dig in to uncover the past. Most items are sold in original condition targeting dealers and retail stores, therefore keeping the prices at a reasonable level.

And so you find back a chair designed by Rob Parry for Gelderland in Van Nuys.

Rob Parry Side Chair at Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Rob Parry Side Chair
Although they coin it a Rob A.T. Perry side chair, I’m almost certain this is the F&T Chair by Dutch designer Rob Parry. It was sold for $ 450,- in 2005 at LAMA.

Here is a photo from the site of Rob Parry:

F&T Chair by Rob Parry

Via Modern Art & Design – December 4, 2005 – Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) – West Hollywood California.

Sofa by Rob Parry?

Sofa by Rob Parry for Gelderland
Sofa by Rob Parry for Gelderland 2

Found this sofa by Rob Parry at Deconet and realized I have a lot to tell about Rob who is a family friend for over 70 years and, more importantly, note to self: I have to visit him within a short time, because this photo, which I took when we had dinner together, is already almost 4 years old.
Rob Parry
Rob has an extensive portfolio of chair designs that have never been produced.

This sofa is stil for sale today at 19west.de, a Cologne, Germany based second hand design seller.

Update: Later Rob called me that he did not design this settee…