Sexy ‘Naked’ Lounge Chair d’Amore – by Rusell Grigg

I overlooked a comment to my About page.
While installing the new Thesis theme it drew my attention again.

Thanks for the great collection of amazing chairs. I am a new designer and passionate about chairs in particular. I wanted to add one of my own, my very first piece called Chez Banc d’Amore. Check it out at: Chez Banc [Ed: Site disappeared since]. It has just been selected for inclusion at the “young designers fair” at Interieur 08 in Kortrijk, Belgium. I am extremely honoured to be the first Australian designer invited to attend the young designers fair.
I look forward to watching this space in future.
Best regards
Russell Grigg

Sorry Russell, sometimes things need time. Hope this post makes good for the omission.

Here you see Russell on his chair with black leather cover. It shows the dimensions and demonstrates it can easily function as a love seat for two.

About Russell Grigg
Russel is a globe trotting drummer and percussionist and lawyer who lives and works in Potts Point, Australia and formed Chez Banc Designs as his own brand.

naked lounge chair d'Amore by Russell Grigg

About The Naked Lounge Chair d’Amore
The aircraft grade single sheet acrylic chair is available in a translucent version which to me is the most “naked”, but also in several colors including solid black. The chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Covers for indoors and outdoors are available in all varieties including a Union Jack.


Use your imagination…
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