Easy Willow by Boex

In lieu of chairs and trees posts, here is another “natural” wooden creation that still looks like your usual chair:

The Easy Willow chair by Boex has a light oak frame with newly cut willow in its raw state. Made from sustainable wood, and British grown willow, this is a traditionally, handcrafted chair with each piece of willow being hand sprung to form its own shape. With a slight rocking affect, the ‘Easy Willow’ is designed to naturally mould to the contours of your body.

Photos by Kristin Prisk

Letter Bench by Sam and Will Boex

Not better way to start a new week of posts here than with the Letter Bench of Sam and Will Boex, two brothers who together run a studio in Cornwall, UK. The bench was commissioned as a thank you letter for a hospital by a satisfied patient.

The inscription reads:

I would like you to know what a wonderful job all the members of the staff on that ward are doing.
They were kind, polite and caring. No job was too much for them to make my stay on the ward as comfortable as possible

According to Sam and Will “The idea is to reassure new patients about the experience they will have during their stay.”
A bench as a thank you letter is a real poetic thought. Don’t you agree?

Via Boex / 3D Creative Solutions and see their blog Letter Bench.

Butt Eraser: The Pencil Bench by Sam and Will Boex

Pencil Bench 5

Sitting on the 1,600 pencils-with-erasers of this Pencil Bench probably gives a similar sensation as sitting on the Shotgun Shell Chair but beware the indigo of your jeans is erased rather than shot off.

The extra in it is that you can use each pencil, sharpen it and place it back. Eventually the seat will be very comfortably tailor sharpened.

Pencil Bench 4

Via Neatorama

Pencil Bench 2

A product of Boex in Cornwall, UK, and awarded at the 2007 Cornwall Design Week.