Hosepipe Chairs by Sander Bokkinga



I’m in the process of cranking out as many posts as possible about the 10 October Bicentennial auction of the Dutch auction house Venduehuis The Hague, because it is a first in The Netherlands with so many design chairs on auction. It is divided in 3 parts: Lots from regular sources of the Vendue Huis itself, a special series of chair interpretations by Dutch designers who each have chosen a charity that will benefit from the auction result, and lots curated by Dutch foundation Zetel (Zetel is Dutch for Seating). Zetel also has a FaceBook page with all the chairs it has curated for this auction.

I first met Sander Bokkinga and his Hosepipe Chairs in Londen in 2008, at 100% design. I met him again at the preview of the Vendue Huis auction where several of his chairs are on auction both a special design for a charity and some hosepipe chairs in the Zetel foundation curated part.

More to follow, but first I wanted to publish the old photos I took in London.