Poduszak by Tabanda



Poduszak by Tabanda

The nine removable cushions of the Poduszak seat by the Polish design trio Tabanda may be arranged and re-arranged in various color combinations, going through as many countless transformations as your mood may require. Cushions are available in pink (although it’s obviously purple in the pictures), yellow, blue, gray and black.


Tabanda consists of three designers: Malgosia Malinowska, Filip Ludka and Tomek Kempa. We are architects who have always been fascinated by furniture design and utilitarian objects design. We pay a lot of attention to a conceptual work and brainstorming, hence our products are finished right down to the last detail. We get our satisfaction from creating designs that are usefull and purposful yet spiced with a pinch of irony and humour.

Found via sayhi-todesign.blogspot.com