Gchair (ClefChair) by Zhi-Xian Yu

Gchair (ClefChair)Â in Stainless Steel by Zhi-Xian Yu
Gchair (ClefChair) Kid-sized(left) and Adult-sized(right) in Wired Metal by Zhi-Xian Yu
Gchair, designer Zhi-Xian Yu

Inspired by the artistic shaped musical symbol G-clef, Zhi-Xian Yu, a teacher, designed the Gchair, originally called the ClefChair. He experimented this piece in several different materials and size. The finalized Gchair comes in 2 forms and size, stainless steel and wired metal for adults and kids. I have to say I love the stainless steel more for it’s modernness and seeing him play with the depths and angles. I think it’s the perfect piece for a concert hall or music school’s lobby.

Yu teaches high school students and encourages young adults in Taiwan to explore their own creativity and design instincts. Read more about his related design in Gchair, or in his personal Chinese Blog.