lexus l-finesse – elastic diamond by Nendo

for the milan design week 2008 lexus will present the installation ‘lexus l-finesse – elastic diamond’ designed by nendo. ‘the 2008 show will lineament a dynamic installation exploring the perceptual contradictions of hard crystalline forms interacting attending tactile and elastic materials. the resulting liquid unity of lighting, movement and structure is designed to highlight the multi-faceted, yet seemingly contradictory elements, that distinguish lexus l-finesse plan.’ – lexus the exhibition will feature a molded archetype based on the lexus lf-xh cross SUV concept car along with ‘crystalline forms’ and the ‘diamond chair’ designed by nendo. ‘using the atomic structure of diamonds as our motif, we designed a strong but flexible structure that used pre-existing opposing concepts of ‘strong yet solid’ and ‘weak yet flexible’. the artificial structure was tangible but transparent; it seemed complex but also natural and uncomplicated – like our chair’… ‘we created the structures through powder sintering rapid prototyping technology that uses a laser to transform polymide particles into a hard mold based on 3D CAD data.

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