Straps Bands Chair by Yahia Ouled-Moussa

Straps Bands Chair

Straps Bands Chair by Yahia Ouled-Moussa

Paris based designer, Yahia Ouled-Moussa, has a way with reinventing old clothing or fabrics into funky and functional design objects. He studied interior architecture in Paris, but it was through a job with a French cabinet-maker who specialized in restoring period furniture where he developed his passion for furniture and design. Ouled-Moussa transforms sturdy, vintage French linens, army sacks or antique porcelain tea sets into stylish smocks, small sitting stools, and bound sculpture. His “strap bands chair” uses old canvas belts that you may have worn in the 1980s, (and those born in the 1980s may be wearing today), and weaves them onto discarded, wooden chairs to create the seat and back. The unwoven part of the belts hang under the seat or along the back, giving the piece an added, looser dimension in contrast to the tight weave of the front. The “strap bands chair” has been made in shades of pinks, as well as in a mix of bright yellow, red, blue and orange. There is also a military version, which incorporates old canvas military belts in green, brown and beige. Chairs can be commissioned by the piece or bought directly from his boutique on rue Nollet, in Paris’s 17th arrondissement. By Blaire Dessent

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