Martino Gamper: 100 chairs in 100 days in 100 ways, part 2: Walking Chair

Walking Chair Poster

Through Viennese Gallery Walking Chair I got acquainted with Martino Gamper first.

Martino Gamper as Host
Martino Camper here as a Chef in one of his recent ventures

Italian born Martino Gamper is an artist and chair maker. He studied in Vienna and is located in East London.

Martino Gamper, Best Chair Alchemist
Martino Gamper, Best Chair Alchemist

He is a real Chair-O-Holic who doesn’t only collect photos of chairs like me, but also collects real chairs and then does something with his collection.

With his project 100 chairs in 100 days in 100 ways he produced one chair per day giving old chairs he had collected a new twist.

Here are some photos I was able to collect from the Walking Chair exhibition in Vienna:

Martino Gamper Walking Chair 01

The Bottom is made from an ‘Arnold Circus’ Stool. The Arnold Circus stool was designed by Gamper in 2006 for The Friends of Arnold Circus, a regeneration project in Shoreditch, East London.

Martino Gamper Walking Chair 08

This one bears some distant resemblance with Joseph Hoffman’s Sits Machine. Aptly shown in Vienna.

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