A Chair Slide Show

This Youtube Slideshow was posted by The Post Materialist and labeled as being form their Berlin correspondent.

The Post Materialist gave it as link baiting title “5000 Years of Chairs in 5 minutes”, which, according to some comments to which I agree, is a bit far fetched.

The nicest comment is from a certain Aaron:

I’m not sure the presentation needs within itself a point — as long as it can provoke a point in the viewer. For me, the variety of attitudes towards the way it is possible to sit, the variety of forms people have created for sitting, and the variety of situations in which people sit is provocative enough. From status markers to signs of bodily comfort to airport seating that indicates momentary rest within movement, chairs are fascinating forms that say something about the human culture that they are created in — and this presentation succeeds I think in presenting a cultural variety most design-oriented pieces do not in their rush to establish taste.

In any case, as long as there is no grade on the line, I think the responsibility here lies with the viewer. Thanks to the post-materialist for sharing his photos.

His words explain a bit of my own fascination with everything you can seat yourself on.

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