Indoor and Outdoor Stingray Rocking Chair By Thomas Pederson

Yours Truly in a Stingray Rocking Chair

Here you see Yours Truly in an Outdoor Stingray Rocking Chair by Thomas Pederson at a recent exhibition in Munich.
Outdoor Stingray Pricetag
Its price tag.
Outdoor Stingray
The Stingray was featured in a Blog with an amusing name More Ways To Waste Time in a post House Voyeur Simple and Serene

If I had to point to the single most expensive piece of furniture in our home, that was bought entirely because we were giving ourselves a present, it would have to be our Stingray rocking chair. It was designed by Thomas Pedersen and produced by Fredericia Furniture in Denmark. In fact, the chair was Pedersen’s final project in design school and because the school had no facilities for fiberglass molding, he made the prototype in the school’s parking lot.

The chair doesn’t sit as easy as it looks!

Made by Fredericia

One thought on “Indoor and Outdoor Stingray Rocking Chair By Thomas Pederson”

  1. The chair fit me perfectly. Of course, there may be much more of my bod than there is of yours. I LOVE this chair.

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