The Norman Foster 75th Birthday “Light” Emeco 20-06 Chair

Received these photos from Emeco.


The Norman Foster 75th Birthday “Light” Emeco 20-06 Chair

We made one 20-06 chair for Norman Foster’s 75th birthday hand polished. It took about 26 hours! The profiles are so slim, that the slightest wrong movement and the entire chair has to be done again. We never offer the chair in polished, just brushed anodized, but you can see its magnificent! If we had charged for it, it would have been $10,000.-

Its still in the Foster Office, I think. No one sits in it 😉

Thanks Emeco for this “Chair in the Air”!

One thought on “The Norman Foster 75th Birthday “Light” Emeco 20-06 Chair”

  1. I like chairs, in fact, we make all aluminum oceanic chairs and sale them to USA, the chairs are well polished and looks like naked beauty.Thanks Emeco,Thanks chairblog,thanks God. Make chairs for us.

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