Nina Saunders "Smoothl" Puzzle Chair


I was still pondering whether I would like to be identified with “chair porn”, because I am really tempted: “Sex Sells”!

I did a couple of “Image Googles” with terms in the neighborhood of Chair Porn. Then I came across the Wrong Distance blog that pointed me to Nina Saunders. Wrong distance had coined this chair Chair Porn, but I prefer Puzzle Chair, because I started this blog with a puzzle chair.

Final decision: I’ll not use the term “porn char” as part of a series.

Do stay tuned for more work of Nina Saunders who’s been around chairs for quite a while already!

Nina Saunders was born in Odense, Denmark in 1958 and trained at Central St Martin’s, London. Currently she works in London
More links: Sculpture UK. She’s exhibiting in the 2009 Venice Biennial as part of the Danish Pavillion. Also featured at Andrehn Schipjenko.

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