The Edward VII Love Chair


tywkiwdbi means “Things You Wouldn’t Know If We Didn’t Blog Incessantly….Excellent title! Here I found the first hint of this Edward VII Love Chair.

According to Filthy Gorgeous Things this Siège d’Amour was commissioned for when Edward VII visited his favorite Parish establishment in the 1890ies. You can read more about it in the UK’s The First Post [Ed: Post disappeared]. It appears the original is still in use in Paris, but the photo shows a replica in a museum in Prague…Definitely an item for Chair Whore!

4 thoughts on “The Edward VII Love Chair”

  1. Oh yes, I’ve seen this one up close in this museum in Prague you’re talking about!! And not just this one… They have too many of these stuff there.

  2. Here is a short video of now Trafalgar Court Mundesley but then The Grand
    where Lily Langtry and Edward stayed many times!

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