Possible to revive the Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair Design?

Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair 01

In a post of my significant other blog I started a plea to revive the very snug cane High Back Beach Chair of Scheveningen. Up to the seventies there was almost no Dutch Beach without this type of chair. Northern Gemany Beaches still do frequently use another type of High Back Beach chair. It’s main features are protection against the wind and more privacy on the beach.

Scheveningen High Back cane Beach Chair 02
Just thought to enhance the reach of that plea by posting additional photo’s of the historic Dutch High Back Beach chair here.

Dutch High Back cane Beach Chair

Although I like this variation best as its curvy appearance is much more elegant.

Or am I wrong and is it already out there?

2 thoughts on “Possible to revive the Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair Design?”

  1. Remember going on a school trip in 1948 from London to Scheveningen and have always remembered the wicker beach chairs, so unlike our flimsy deck chairs and so much better, what a shame, they have gone.

    1. Summer 2018 there was a chair installation with classic Highbacks in the garden of the Municipal Museum (Gemeente Museum), but in one or another way I completely forgot to take photo’s of them for this blog.

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