Craiglists find: the “Alice In Wonderland” Wicker Chair

Side view
Back view

The anonymous “Alice In Wonderland” style wicker Chair found on Craiglists

I was fooling around in Craiglists San Francisco Antique Sales today and found this exquisite, “Alice In Wonderland” style, wicker chair. Not only is it ornately woven, what seams to be like metal also shows great details and extreme uniqueness. The reason why I call it the “Alice In Wonderland” style chair is because it reminds me of the Queen of Hearts(red queen) played by Helena Bonham Carter, with a similar large red head and relatively small body. Among my imagination, any identification of this chair will be highly appreciated!

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Possible to revive the Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair Design?

Scheveningen High Back Beach Chair 01

In a post of my significant other blog I started a plea to revive the very snug cane High Back Beach Chair of Scheveningen. Up to the seventies there was almost no Dutch Beach without this type of chair. Northern Gemany Beaches still do frequently use another type of High Back Beach chair. It’s main features are protection against the wind and more privacy on the beach.

Scheveningen High Back cane Beach Chair 02
Just thought to enhance the reach of that plea by posting additional photo’s of the historic Dutch High Back Beach chair here.

Dutch High Back cane Beach Chair

Although I like this variation best as its curvy appearance is much more elegant.

Or am I wrong and is it already out there?

campana brothers select exhibition

Campana Brothers
Via DesignBoom campana brothers select exhibition

transplastic – exhibition of recent work by the campana brothers

recent work by the campana brothers 5 june – 10 august 2007 albion gallery, london the transplastic series tells a fictional story: in a world made of plastic and synthetic matter, a fertile ground is laid for transgenic creations. natural fibres recover the plastic as in an immunological response: nature grows from the plastic and overpowers it. this collection encapsulates many concepts explored throughout the campana’s trajectory; revisiting material clashes with a more mature approach. it refers back to the premise, used in 2000 with the ‘shark chair’, to challenge contrasts: of nature and plastic, cold and warm, textured and smooth surfaces. at the end of 2005, the preceding years of research evolved in an organic fashion by transforming into a collection of 31 prototypes that are to be displayed for the first time at albion gallery in london.

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Rian Stool by SemiGood

Seattle based Semigood Design pointed us to their danish inspired cantilever Rian Stool, which is as understated and quirky as their name. Producing custom made pieces for almost a decade, Semigood are committed to sustainability, crafting their furniture from wood considered to be the most abundant hardwood in the States and sourced from FSC certified forests in the Mid-West and North East.

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