Cantilever Chair by Mart Stam at Retro Vegas

Mart Stam Cantilever Chair at Vegas Retro

Retro Vegas seems to have a nice original Mart Stam cantilever chair.

This reminds me of a prior post: The Cantilever Chair: By Mart Stam, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or by Marcel Breuer?

5 thoughts on “Cantilever Chair by Mart Stam at Retro Vegas”

  1. I have owned six of these chairs for nearly 30 years and unfortunately some of the leather seats are tearing and must be replaced. There used to be an add in the New York Times for replacement leather parts for these chairs, but I have not seen it in years. Any suggestions as to where I might be able to find new seat leathers?


  2. let me know if you find anything. I have 4 original Stam armchairs and one just broke and I need replacement parts. Nothing on E-bay-I’m depressed as I’m thinking these are rare and parts are not avialable.
    Larry in SF

  3. I have two S34 chairs that I’m looking for replacement leather parts for, as well. Any luck?

    Genelle in SF

  4. I am looking for 6 ea. replacement seats…. the ones I have are all ripped at the bottom — around the seam…

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