Myrkr is Old Norse for “darkness”: It plays with light and shadow.

Although one would expect a steel sheet construction by the photos, the lounge chair has no metal connections. It is made from a single laser-cut sheet of 12mm plywood and 144 dowels. It has been dipped in black aniline dye and finished with lacquer.

WORD stands for Warren Office for Research and Design.

Christopher Warren founded the Warren Office for Research and Design in 2009. Prior to its formation, he served a six year tenure at Morphosis, working as project designer on over twenty commissions. He later co-founded Studio Shift in 2004, where he also served as partner for five years.

One thought on “MYRKR Chair by WORD”

  1. The Chair from Geoffrey Lilge is ultra modern and pays homage to the Lee West classic Stereo Alpha Chair. The modernized classic chair which offers real, cool retro modern place to relax in a wide selection of sharp colors.

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