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Today I’ve folded back the categories of this blog in a little drop down menu in the sidebar.

For me a good blog is about maximum navigability and search-ability, therefore I maintain so many categories here as faithful as I can.

However I got annoyed with the lengthy scrolling down to get at the bottom of the pages. Especially pregnant if you are looking to a single post. You probably were annoyed to the same extent.

In any case this measure quickens the load time of a page or a post tremendously.

Later, when WordPress Version 3.0 and the new Thesis WordPress theme will be out and stable, I’ll review this and see if I can come up with a niftier way of presenting what the blog has to offer.

Ideally It will be something like the iconic London Tube Map.

Maybe some graphic designer out there can pick up this idea and map the history of the chair in similar way, or map the inspiration for chair design in the same way, because there are so many similarities….Just a thought.


Wallpaper* presents a preview of the coming Milan Furniture Show based on a similar idea and a Google map.

One thought on “Categories on Chair Blog: Mapping the Chair”

  1. What a good thesis undertaking for a grad student in Industrial Design. In the end I could see it selling well at museum shops.

    I think I have an email from you from a while back that I need to get to! I haven’t totally forgotten!

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