Craiglists find: the “Alice In Wonderland” Wicker Chair

Side view
Back view

The anonymous “Alice In Wonderland” style wicker Chair found on Craiglists

I was fooling around in Craiglists San Francisco Antique Sales today and found this exquisite, “Alice In Wonderland” style, wicker chair. Not only is it ornately woven, what seams to be like metal also shows great details and extreme uniqueness. The reason why I call it the “Alice In Wonderland” style chair is because it reminds me of the Queen of Hearts(red queen) played by Helena Bonham Carter, with a similar large red head and relatively small body. Among my imagination, any identification of this chair will be highly appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “Craiglists find: the “Alice In Wonderland” Wicker Chair”

  1. I love finding furniture with unique characters and stories to tell. With just a little love and elbow grease, the finding will usually respond you with surprise, fun and loyalty.

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