The Object of Desire, Sweet Jane – A Corset inspired Lounger by Charlie Davidson

UK-based designer Charlie Davidson ‘s The Object of Desire, Sweet Jane is inspired by the form of a corset.

Davidson began the project a few years back, developing initial concept drawings to produce the first scale mock-ups and a number of 3D computer visualization.
Upon a visit to Vollers corset company – into producing corsets since the 19th century – the shape and form of the lounge really began to develop.

Although I like the corset story, I have a feeling there is some similarity in design with the Orgone Stretch Lounge by Marc Newson.

via Designboom.

2 thoughts on “The Object of Desire, Sweet Jane – A Corset inspired Lounger by Charlie Davidson”

  1. I started this project back in 2004. I saw a vintage corset displayed as part of a private collection, it was tiny like it was for a teenage girl. The corset was late Victorian and beautifully embroidery , an essential fashion garment for any woman of that period,
    Today the corset is no longer a requirement of society rather a piece of costume or lingerie and the new S&M culture.
    Soon after I started drawing designs for the corset chaise lounge I realised I had seen something similar before and it didn’t take me long to work out it was Marc Newsons Orgone Lounge. I stopped and restarted the project over the next few years and each time feeling I hadn’t manage to make my piece significantly different from Marc Newsons. I finally my got over this problem when I realised that what I was making was about desire and perceived beauty rather than industrial computer generated forms.

  2. The fact that its bottom is open makes it significantly different i.m.h.o. So I’ve re phrased “a lot” into “some” similarity.

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