The Stronger the Lady (Britney), The Stronger the Chair (Emeco)?

I looove beautiful ladies. They are frequently used to advertise chairs. Not for nothing have I coined a category here on the blog Chairchez La Femme thereby abusing the French “chercher” which means “to seek”, to express “look for the lady”, “look at the lady” or even maybe “watch out for the lady” …rather than the chair;-)

Britney Spear (ab)uses an Emeco Navy chair extensively in a recent video clip of her song Stronger. What better promotion can a chair manufacturer whish?

Thank you Jan

4 thoughts on “The Stronger the Lady (Britney), The Stronger the Chair (Emeco)?”

  1. I believe it is cheap chair since it is made in China. I saw the chair on chinachairco[ed: link disappeared]
    I am glad she lost some weight or else that chair would have caved in.

  2. Thank you Dan for chiming in..Rockstar is on the verge of crossing my line…and now I noticed they took the video away….so I could copy and paste another one:-)

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