Emeco Goes Green : The 111 Coca Cola Pet Bottles Navy Chair

This photo from a post at Design Paris

The bottom of the seat reads:

When you recycle a plastic bottle, you’re doing something good. When you recycle 111 of them, you’re doing something great!

Firsts Emeco went nude, then they went light, then wood and now they are going red…err green:

Do Drink 111 Coca Cola Pet Bottles empty and bring them to Emeco who will use them for 60% of their reincarnated 111 Navy Chair. On Show in Milan Next week


After four years of work, we have created a new Navy Chair made of 111 recycled plastic PET bottles (about 65% post consumer content). We designed The 111 Navy Chair ® to have the attributes of the original aluminum version – super strong, durable and comfortable, but now its also warm, colorful and about half the price of the aluminum one (195₤). We expect to use about 3,000,000 plastic beverage bottles each year in production, which will start in June 2010.

Via David Report, a post that happened to disappear, but still remained readable in a Feed Reader.

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