Hanger Chair by Biaugust

Hanger Chair by Biaugust

Hanger Chair by Biaugust

Discovered this Hanger Chair by Biaugust (photo via Fubonart)

About Biaugust

Both born in August, Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu named their co-founded design company “Biaugust” to declare that their love for design was as passsionate as the August sun. After completing their foreign studies in Japan in 2005, both of them chose to return to Taiwan and establish the “Biaugust Creation Office” in Taipei. They then began to carry out a wide range of graphic design tasks, and started to participate in all kinds ofart-creation activities.

Biaugust about the Hanger Chair:

Hanger + Clothes
The appearance, shape and function of a hanger are changed when it is taken apart. But it’s still a hanger after we rebuild it. We take old weathered hangers, remove the brittle plastic and weld the metal parts together. With some of our creative thoughts, we designed a chair for hangers. We use the recycled fabric, paper and cotton thread to weave a cover for the chair. Hangers, clothes and people are already related. And the relationship has transformed to a whole new level because of this design.

Wonder whether we will be seeing more chairs of these designers.

via Designspotter.

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