Wire Chair by Nendo

Wire Chair by Nendo

The next generation of the ‘cord chair’, with its 15mm diameter legs of stainless steel clad in a hyper-thin wood skin. The wooden skin has been stripped away and the diameter of the steel rods increased from 9 to 12mm, giving them the strength to support the chair independently of the wood. Multiple layers of powder coating and hand polishing give the chair a rare lustrous finish, reminiscent of traditional Japanese lacquerware. The new finish also heightens the chair’s flexibility of use: the resulting durability and water resistance of the finish allow the wire chair to be used outdoors, and the colour selected. These modifications bring fresh charm to an already innovative chair.

sorry for the early lookers: I pushed the publish button a bit too early

4 thoughts on “Wire Chair by Nendo”

  1. Is it possible to buy Nendo’s Wire Chair, and/ or Cord Chair?
    Could you tell me, where, and at what fee I coult purchase these items?

    Thanks, dr Laetitia van den Heuvel

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