Top Posts of July, 2011

1) Man Stool: 527 views.

2) Mushroom Pouf from Anthropologie: 495 views.

3) Anchored Candy no2 by Vivian Beer: 484 views.


4) Luso Lounger by James Uren: 483 views.

5) Button Chair by Sanil Choi: 481 views.

Other matters had kept me personally from posting here extensively in June and July. Luckily Julia kept us afloat during these months.

Hence total visits and pageviews dwindled from 53,704 visits and 118,068 pageviews in May, 2011 (52 posts) via 41,216 visits with 88,953 pageviews in June, 2011 (10 posts) to 36,467 visits with 80,189 pageviews in July, 2011 (22 posts).

A new contributer has announced warming up to start posting in August. Hope to see him and you soon !

Update: I had to recreate this post after it got lost when we had some issues with our hosting during the first week of August, 2011.

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