Radiator Chair by Boris Dennler – Indexhibit (05)

Radiator Chair by Borislab

Radiator Chair by Swiss designer Boris Dennler of Borislab.

Having graduated as a precision mechanic and a decorator, Boris travelled through Asia during one year.
On his return to Switzerland, he was shocked by the abundance and the waste of objects that seemed doomed to obsolescence.
A strong desire to approach objects differently fuelled by an irrepressible urge to create lead Boris Dennler to found L’atelier BorisLab in 2004 – a laboratory dedicated to the study of materials and shapes, to the valorisation of existing objects, as well as to gratuitous and improbable experimentation. Inspired by the desire to create radical objects (regarding both shape and material), Boris designed a lamp series called Tetanos made up of unique components gained from recycled elements. The launch was followed by several successful exhibitions.
Approximately sixty unique lamps were sold to this day. At the same time, several lamp series such as “Hide” or “Livresse” were commercialised in 2006 and 2007 respectively.
With his hunger for experimentation still going strong, Boris Dennler continues to distil his ideas in seats and storage units.

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Grown into a Chair by Natalie Stämpfli – Indexhibit (4)

Grown into a Chair by Natalie Stämpfli
Grown into a Chair by Natalie Stämpfli

Natalie Staempfli actually reads as Natalie Stämpli….In writing this I realize the USA based invention “personal computer” gives us US based keyboards, US based alphabets and so on and so fort. In short no consideration for other than English language cultures. With an ä in your name you will be at a disadvantage against people without strange aaaaa’s in their name. US dominated and dominating search engines, despite their efforts with foreign languages, will never catch up as they should…Sorry for this rant Natalie. I’m just a bit bored to weed a lot of strange signs out of this blog.

Back to the subject: Natalie Staempli‘s Grown into a Chair is a really nice idea for a valet chair.

This is post 4 in our Indexhibit series.

Light Stone Stool by Ori Yekutier – Indexhibit (3)

Light Stone Stool by Ori Yekutier
Ori Yekutier has been experimenting with melting basalt and this Light Stone Stool is one of the results.
Number 3 in our Indexhibit series, both featuring our finds on sites that use the Indexhibit publication software and as a show case for chair designers what is possible with Indexhibit.

Cool Cardboard Stool by Ori Yekutier – Indexhibit (2)

Cool Cardboard Stool by Ori Yekutier

Introduction to a new category

I’ve been very busy under the hood of this blog (see also this post). Weeding out tons of bad links has the advantage of digging deeper into your old stuff. I came across my post Indexhibit (1) – Eric Ku. In the meantime I have seen a very interesting series of articles on Core77: about how 2 young New York City based designers had set up their business with huge success. They stressed the importance of starting with a professional web appearance while they were still prototyping in a shed. I’ll refer to those later. The main conclusion is that designers need to have guidance with their web presence. They may be decent designers, but they have to sell in order to be able to do what they want to do: creating wonderful design. Also while blogging, I’ve seen numerous bad designed sites and bad webdesign practices (PUT FLASH IN THE WASTEBASKET!) both from designers and from professional manufacturers and distributors. All while there is a very simple tool: Indexhibit. Also for me the Indexhibit community is a good source for new stuff. The conclusion is that before I write a page, and later maybe a book about good web practice for chair designers, I’ll start with a new category Indexhibit, just to make the readers aware what you can do with this simple tool. I migh start builing a site to see how easy or difficult it is. Off course there are other ways and solutions like for instance WordPress, but they (may) come in future posts.

As a sequel I’ve reactivated Chair Blog | Tumblr to be able to quickly make scraps of inter alia my new Indexhibit finds.

About Ori Yekutiel:

Designer, Artist, Craftsman. Born in 1981. Resides in Israel. In 2010 graduated with honors his studies of Industrial Design at the Bezalel’s Academy of Art & Design. Ori’s work is inspired by nature. From nature, he says, we can learn patience, modesty and how to find the harmony between functionality and beauty. It is not uncommon for “mistakes” to happened during the process of creation. These mistakes can became a source of inspiration and a turning point in the development of the project, that’s why one should keep his eyes end mind wide open to Seize such opportunities.

About Ori’s website

I believe Ori’s website is a good example of how you can present yourself in a professional way with very good photography. Navigation could be addressed a bit more precise.

Little Sister by Brian Lee

Little Sister by Brian Lee

This photo says it all: This l’ll sister has a flexible seating indeed.

Chubby Brothers’s Sister (2008)

The Chubby family is getting ridiculous, but I did built them in the same time with the Chubby Brother dining table, and I just never put the 5th one together till 2009. She is technically the youngest sister.
Surprises comes along when Functioning.

Wood (Ash) Chair 17L 20W 28H

Found at Brian Lee’s Studio.