Chair made out of Newspapers

Via Bedzine who found it at Keetsa

Dozens of rolled up newspapers found their way back to functionality in the cleverly designed Newspaper Chair by Kimberly Kulka, a student at California College of the Arts. We love the smart thought process behind this chair – store your magazines and newspapers underneath the form for added structural stability and cushioning (and storage space of course). This is one of the most inspired takes on the magazine rack idea that we’ve seen in awhile.

Addressing the topic of sustainable design for mass production at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this past week, students from CCA presented explored new forms for recycled design. With the newspaper chair, a geometric form gives the chair structure, while rolled up literature provides extra support, cushioning and soul, plus a little extra storage space.

Newspaper Chair by Kimberly Kulka

Newspaper Chair by Kimberly Kulka

California College of the Arts student Kimberly Kulka brings us this “Newspaper Chair”. A politically correct edit of rolled newspapers and magazines that combine for a structurally and environmentally sound design.

via Yanko Design