Chair by Mile at Tokyo Design Week 08

Mile’s chair design made from wood and rubber. Image © designboom

at tokyo design week 08, design group ‘mile’ from japan presented a chair design made from rubber and wood. the main frame of the chair is made from wood while strips of thick rubber are twisted and curved to form the arms and back support of the chair, all held together by metal hardware. the design provides an interesting combination of materials, using solid wood to contrast with the more malleable rubber.

About Mile

Design project MILE was formed by Bandai Matsuo (acoustic engineer), Kentaro Kai (software engineer) and Kozo Shimoyama (interior designer). As “three heads are better than one” (the Chinese character for MILE can be read as san which also means three), they are expanding their design activities making use of each member’s specialty. Incorporating humor-filled storytelling, they create designs that pleasantly link people, things and space.

Source:We Love One

Via Design Boom: tokyo design week 08: mile project at design tide